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Clearing the way to welcome visitors

When it came time to start knocking down parts of the visitors center along Interstate 95, just inside the Georgia-South Carolina state line, Ann Purcell ...

June 02, 2015 | Staff report | Local

How food advertising confuses children about nutrition and health

Having struggled with his weight as a child, Texas pediatrician Stephen Pont knows the road to a healthy lifestyle isn’t easy.

June 02, 2015 | Chandra Johnson Deseret News | Hot Topics

Follow your gut on family health

My husband and I often took road trips with our children to distant places, which meant we spent a lot of time in the car ...

June 02, 2015 | Julie Nelson FamilyShare | Hot Topics

The robot takeover is not all that bad

Robots may be well on their way to taking over the economy (depending on who you talk to, that could be considered a good thing ...

June 02, 2015 | JJ Feinauer Deseret News | Hot Topics

Anxiety emerges as key mental health issue on campus, in workplace

Americans appear to be more anxious than ever, according to two new studies on the prevalence of anxiety disorders on colleges campuses and in the ...

June 02, 2015 | Kelsey Dallas Deseret News | Hot Topics

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Archive site results

How one church is uplifting the homeless through the power of karaoke

In an area of Los Angeles known for its high rates of violence and homelessness, laughter and joy is hard to come by.

June 01, 2015 | Shelby Slade Deseret News | Hot Topics

There's a new app that wants to help you learn a foreign language while you waste your time

The rise of online messaging apps, such as Facebook Messenger, Google Chat and WhatsApp, has created a new type of downtime. Between messages, users wait patiently for responses, and according to MIT's Carrie Cai, that is time ill spent. Those moments between messages are prime intellectual real estate, according to Cai, and should be treated as such.

June 01, 2015 | JJ Feinauer Deseret News | Hot Topics

Is it really your fault that he's bald? Things you can stop feeling guilty about.

I know you think that children starving in Africa is all of your fault. Isn't that what your mom said to you when you were 12, still sitting at the table because you wouldn't finish what was on your plate?

June 01, 2015 | Davison Cheney FamilyShare | Hot Topics

Ranking colleges, sorting options

Not long ago, parents and students evaluating colleges turned to U.S. News rankings, the only game in town. No longer. Rating colleges is now, if not a booming business, at least a surging sideline.

June 01, 2015 | Eric Schulzke Deseret News | Hot Topics

Index funds: A low-cost way to solid investing performance

Mutual funds can be called lots of negative things — expensive, underperforming, inconsistent.

June 01, 2015 | Jeff Wuorio Deseret News | Hot Topics

Concussions can affect school performance, studies show

Research has long shown that concussions are not healthy in any case, but a recent study finds children and teenagers who sustain a concussion while participating in sports could also be affected in their academic performance.

June 01, 2015 | Mandy Morgan Deseret News | Hot Topics

Have You Seen This? If you’re happy and you know it

MEOWINGTON — If you’ve spent any time singing songs as a kid, chances are you’re familiar with the children’s classic “If You’re Happy and You Know It.”

June 01, 2015 | Martha Ostergar KSL | Hot Topics

Video: Norwegian man helps his mom look for love

OSLO, Norway — Alex Lyngaas loves his mother, and he thinks you will love her too.

June 01, 2015 | Martha Ostergar KSL | Hot Topics

This Christian rock band just released a song to help those with eating disorders

Love Like Violence, a Christian rock band from Ohio, has one goal with its new single “Skeleton”: help raise awareness for those with eating disorders.

June 01, 2015 | Herb Scribner Deseret News | Hot Topics

The simple trick that will help your children eat their fruits and veggies

If you want your children to eat more fruits and vegetables, try this simple solution based on recent research: get them to grow their own produce.

June 01, 2015 | Herb Scribner Deseret News | Hot Topics

The Clean Cut: Stranger buys late police officer's squad car, gives it to officer's sons

After Tanner Brownlee's father was killed in the line of duty in 2010, he was saddened to discover he didn't have many remaining possessions from his late father.

June 01, 2015 | Sarah Gambles Deseret News | Hot Topics

10 things that could lead to divorce in your life

When relationships are going well, it can be hard to pay attention to things that may cause challenges in our lives. Others sometimes see these challenges but are often afraid to point them out for fear of offending or being told they are judgmental. As I have worked with couples, I have found several areas to pay attention to in order to make certain your relationship is as strong as it can be.

June 01, 2015 | David Simonsen FamilyShare | Hot Topics

Fast Facts: What your family needs to know about the Texas floods

Texas has seen nothing but rain this past week, leading to flash floods across the state. Power has been knocked out, flash floods have wreaked havoc across Texas, and traffic has stalled, CNN reported.

May 31, 2015 | Herb Scribner Deseret News | Hot Topics

Young people are more depressed than older co-workers

A new study shows millennials are more likely to experience workplace depression than their older counterparts — a fact that may shed light on developing workplace dynamics.

May 30, 2015 | Shelby Slade Deseret News | Hot Topics

Where you grow up might affect your chance of getting married by age 26

Where you live influences how you live, clear down to whether you are married by age 26, according to a New York Times Upshot analysis of data collected by a pair of Harvard economists who study upward mobility.

May 30, 2015 | Lois M. Collins Deseret News | Hot Topics

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