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Mentoring, role models and poverty

Poverty is present all over the world. The United States is not immune to poverty - more than one in 10 Americans have an income below the poverty level. Although there is no consensus as to the cause of poverty, there are certain variables that are associated with it. For instance, a recent study published through Johns Hopkins University found that children born into poverty are more likely to live in poverty as adults. That is, poverty seems to perpetuate poverty.

November 07, 2014 | John Hoffmire Deseret News National | Hot Topics

It's not overpopulation that threatens the developed world

Many of us grew up hearing warnings about overpopulation - the crowding, the depleting of resources, the pollution and the inability of the earth to sustain so many people.

November 07, 2014 | Linda and Richard Eyre Deseret News National | Hot Topics

Famous TV and film moustaches

It's Movember time! For those of you unfamiliar with the term, Movember is the term given to the phenomenon of men putting away their razors for the month of November as they grow out epic moustaches. What started off as a trivial fun exercise has turned into a legitimate men's health initiative where men can raise money for their moustaches and have the proceeds go to funding men's health awareness and research.

November 06, 2014 | Dylan Cannon Deseret News National | Hot Topics

Landing the ideal holiday job

By most standards, Royce Leather has a rigorous hiring process.

November 06, 2014 | Jeff Wuorio Deseret News National | Hot Topics

Protect your baby monitor from hacking

Camera-enabled baby monitors feel like the ultimate security item. These high-tech monitors allow parents to see, not just hear, their children from across the house, and now with internet-connected IP cameras, all the way across town via smart phone. However, this technology comes with a price.

November 06, 2014 | Heather Hale Deseret News National | Hot Topics

Is tolling the best way to maintain the federal interstate system?

In the last decade, about half of the 1,000 miles that have been added to the nation's interstate highway system are tolled, said Robert Puentes of The Brookings Institution on "The Diane Rehm Show."

November 06, 2014 | Deborah Sutton Deseret News National | Hot Topics

3 reasons some people cannot change their lives while others can

Most of us are able to transition from one stage of our lives to the next relatively easily. However, there are many people who struggle with change and prefer to stay in their comfort zones. If someone is trapped and does not reach for something more in life, you might assume this person is lazy or doesn't care to change. But that is not always the case. Many people who cannot find a way to progress are unsure of themselves and feel intimidated by change.

November 05, 2014 | Mayra Bitsko Deseret News National | Hot Topics

Data you can't ignore: Americans are nearly as worried about religious hatred as they are income ine

Americans see religious hatred as a serious concern for the world, according to a Pew Research Center survey.

November 05, 2014 | Herb Scribner Deseret News National | Hot Topics

Tom Hanks to publish book of short stories

NEW YORK CITY - Tom Hanks has assumed the roles of astronaut, toy cowboy and captive merchant mariner, and soon, he'll wear another hat - author.

November 05, 2014 | Megan Marsden Christensen Deseret News National | Hot Topics

Punishment vs reinforcement: Getting the behavior you want

Some days, it feels like all we do as parents is discipline our children, but do we understand what discipline really means? The goal of disciplining children is not to punish them for bad behavior. Rather, discipline is a tool to get the behavior we want. Ultimately, children who receive discipline become disciplined in the way they think, act and speak. Discipline is a good thing, so long as it's not always about punishment.

November 05, 2014 | Heather Hale Deseret News National | Hot Topics

ECRP fall festival brings out the costumes

The Effingham County Recreation and Parks department held its annual fall festival for ages 12 and younger. The festivities included costume contests for several age groups.

November 05, 2014 | Staff report | Around Town

Sunny skies for fall festival

Ashley Boyette's State Farm Insurance agency in Rincon hosted a fall festival for children.

November 05, 2014 | Staff report | Around Town

PSC hearings on Vogtle report to start today

The Georgia Public Service Commission will begin hearings today on the Georgia Power Company 11th Plant Vogtle construction monitoring (VCM) report in Docket 29849. The hearing will start at 10 a.m. in Room 110 at the Commission offices at 244 Washington St., S.W. Atlanta. Additional hearings are scheduled for Dec. 16 and Jan. 20, 2015.

November 05, 2014 | Staff report | Business

Superheroes on the run in Guyton

The second annual Guyton Superhero Run for CASA raised money and awareness for the Ogeechee Judicial Circuit's Court Appointed Special Advocate program. About 70 people participated in the 5K run and one-mile walk Saturday.

November 05, 2014 | Staff report | Around Town

Isakson to run again for Senate seat

STATESBORO-U.S. Sen. Johnny Isakson, R-Ga., has bumper stickers already printed with a new logo for his 2016 re-election bid, but is currently campaigning for shorter-term goals of having Republican candidate David Perdue join him in the U.S. Senate and for Republicans to gain a majority there.

November 05, 2014 | By Al Hackle | Georgia's elected

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Archive site results

Is a separate education budget a good thing?

In two previous columns, we have looked at the close-by example of a separate education budget, the state of Alabama's two-budget system.

September 23, 2014 | By state Sen. Jack Hill | Opinion

Alternatives to thinning the Jekyll deer herd

I have one of the most interesting jobs in the world. One day I am advising world leaders on the nuances of international monetary policy. The next day I am consoling a distraught reader who thinks I need to "look within myself spiritually." The last time I looked within myself, I saw my navel. It was full of lint. Never again.

September 23, 2014 | By Dick Yarbrough | Opinion

State’s great experiment didn’t work

Over the past 10 years, Georgia has served as the location for a wide-ranging experiment in economic theory.

September 23, 2014 | By Tom Crawford | Opinion

Making concrete blocks in Springfield

In 1946, Ijon Tigleth Webb and his two sons, Ijon Thomas and George Henry, got a permit and built a building to manufacture concrete block. See accompanying photo of the permit. The brothers were known as Tom and Henry. Ijon Tigleth died in 1951. The building was located behind what is now City Hall in Springfield, adjacent to the railroad siding track from which they received the materials to manufacture concrete blocks.

September 23, 2014 | By Susan Exley | Echoes of Effingham

Dixie Diva

That apple tree. Oh my goodness. Something told me it wouldn't turn out well.

September 23, 2014 | By Ronda Rich | Lifestyle

Goshen substation more than fire trucks and ambulances

The Effingham County Sheriff's Office has joined county paramedics and Rincon firefighters at their station on Goshen Road Extension.

September 23, 2014 | By Paul Floeckher | Local

Aiming to help a friend

Friends, neighbors and city of Rincon co-workers raised money Saturday for Jose Jimenez.

September 23, 2014 | By Paul Floeckher | Around Town

Former Liberator pilot tells JROTC cadets ‘character counts’

Paul Grassey has plenty of stories from his days as a military pilot, including the 13 combat missions he flew with the 8th Air Force in World War II.

September 23, 2014 | By Paul Floeckher | Education

State puzzled by jobless rate, even as job growth rises

ATLANTA - The Georgia Department of Labor announced Thursday that Georgia's seasonally adjusted unemployment rate for August was 8.1 percent, up four-tenths of a percentage point from a revised 7.7 percent in July. The rate in August of last year was 8.2 percent.

September 23, 2014 | Staff report | Business

Setting the bar — and letting kids reach it

A second-grade teacher writes: "I teach in a very competitive school where parents have developed a 'mob mentality' for bullying administrators and teachers. They have gone beyond helicopter parenting to Apache Blackhawk parenting."

September 23, 2014 | By John Rosemond | Lifestyle

Once again, we have no federal budget

On Wednesday of last week, the U.S. House of Representatives passed H. J. Res 124, a continuing resolution (CR) for fiscal year 2015 that will fund the federal government until Dec. 11.

September 23, 2014 | By Sen. Buddy Carter | Opinion

The kindest cut

Karla Gnann had her head shaved Saturday night as part of the "Do It For Debra" event, which raised money to help Debra Bunch in her bout with cancer.

September 23, 2014 | By Patrick Donahue | Around Town

City OKs gas station for Walmart lot

Rincon City Council members approved a final site plan for a proposed gas station to be built adjacent to Walmart.

September 23, 2014 | By Patrick Donahue | Local

Rincon man faces list of charges after chase

An Effingham County man was arrested on a long list of charges Saturday after crashing his car while fleeing from police.

September 23, 2014 | By Paul Floeckher | Crime Reports

Investigation into fatal wreck may take months

The investigation of a deadly car crash in Effingham County on Sept. 7 might not conclude for several more months, according to the Georgia State Patrol.

September 23, 2014 | By Paul Floeckher | Local

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