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What your thumb can tell you about your family history

There’s a new way for you to check your ancestry — look at your thumb.

September 29, 2015 | Herb Scribner Deseret News | Hot Topics

Will Southern families embrace this new flag?

There’s a new Southern flag design that could bring families together.

September 29, 2015 | Herb Scribner Deseret News | Hot Topics

How 1 in 10 women put their newborn’s life at risk

New research has found that many women across the United States are drinking, sometimes in binges, even while pregnant.

September 29, 2015 | Herb Scribner Deseret News | Hot Topics

51 ways to reduce stress before it even happens

There’s no such thing as a stress-free life. Stress is your body's natural response in certain situations. So it’s important to learn how to deal with stress when it does happen; but it's also important to stop stress from happening in the first place. Because even if you can’t remove all stress, there’s no reason to add unnecessary stress. The following are ways you can reduce the amount of stress in your life.

September 29, 2015 | Mindy Raye Friedman FamilyShare | Hot Topics

10 unique ways to worry less


September 29, 2015 | Kim Giles | Hot Topics

To vent or not to vent: How to know when to complain about work

Leighann Lord loves to text her best friends on difficult work days. They may not be able to solve her crises, but it feels good to have an audience for her complaints.

September 29, 2015 | Kelsey Dallas Deseret News | Hot Topics

Video: Little girls lands big bass with Barbie fishing pole

THE LAKE — Not everyone gets to go on fishing trips with dad when they were small, but every dad who does get the chance hopes for an experience like the one in this video.

September 29, 2015 | Martha Ostergar | Hot Topics

Lips, hips and cup sizes, oh my! 3 things to think about when considering cosmetic surgery

“You know what I wish?” My neighbor and new mother confided over lunch. “I wish I wasn’t so ashamed of my body.”

September 29, 2015 | Amy Osmond Cook FamilyShare | Hot Topics

15 things every woman needs to do before she is 30

Now that I have crossed over into my 30s I can see how life is different from this side of the tracks. There are definitely things I am glad I did before I crossed that line. Some are lessons and some are experiences that helped shaped me into who I am today. Here is my list of 15 things every woman needs to do before she is 30.

September 29, 2015 | Megan Shauri FamilyShare | Hot Topics

Should we use standing desks in elementary schools? Experts weigh in

In recent years, more and more people are saying they can't stand sitting.

September 28, 2015 | Nathan Sorensen Deseret News | Hot Topics

Families at heart of Pope Francis' farewell Mass in America

PHILADELPHIA — Eldon and Christine Matte loaded six kids ages 5 to 17 into a van hauling a 30-foot trailer and drove more than 3,000 miles over the course of nine days from Prince George, British Columbia, to attend the World Meeting of Families and to see Pope Francis in his historic visit to the United States.

September 28, 2015 | Lois M. Collins Deseret News | Hot Topics

How to make sure the sandwich generation doesn’t eat it financially

Amanda Bailey considers her family one of the more fortunate “sandwiches.”

September 28, 2015 | Jeff Wuorio Deseret News | Hot Topics

How to cherish each stage of your children’s lives

I recently had a baby -- as in just a few weeks ago. This is my 3rd child, so it is not the first time I have been through the newborn phase. With all the struggles that come along with having a new child -- no sleep, breastfeeding vs bottle feeding, lots of hormones and adjusting to a new family member -- there are so many magical moments. I find that when I hold my newborn I look at her with love, tenderness and excitement, but I also experience sadness. Not as in the baby blue sadness, but more of a longingness to ...

September 28, 2015 | Megan Shauri FamilyShare | Hot Topics

Teachers can be bullies too: Chicago mother says special-needs son was dressed in trash bag

Chicago mother Nyesha Terry wasn’t exactly thrilled when she visited her son Lloyd’s kindergarten classroom and found him wearing a trash bag, according to WGN-TV.

September 28, 2015 | Herb Scribner Deseret News | Hot Topics

Why the decline in maids and domestic workers is hurting your family

Feel like you’re stretched for time?

September 28, 2015 | Herb Scribner Deseret News | Hot Topics

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7 reasons you absolutely cannot afford to neglect your oral health

It is absolutely essential that you treat your oral health just as you would your overall health.

November 27, 2015 | Samuel Kwon FamilyShare | Hot Topics

4 ways to not go broke this Christmas

Christmas time is such a magical time of year, but it can also be an expensive time of year.

November 27, 2015 | Megan Shauri FamilyShare | Hot Topics

7 perfect moments when you know you are doing parenting right

There are times in your life when you can see all of the work and effort you put into parenting pay off. The lessons you ...

November 27, 2015 | Megan Shauri FamilyShare | Hot Topics

‘STEAM’ movement, adding arts to STEM, remains a mixed bag

In spring 2013, Susan Riley used Russian artist Wassily Kandinsky's geometric paintings to teach Maryland public school students how to measure acute and obtuse ...

November 27, 2015 | Menachem Wecker Deseret News | Hot Topics

Media continues to struggle to cover Trump campaign

Nearly six months into his presidential bid, the news media is still struggling with the conundrum of covering Republican candidate Donald Trump.

November 27, 2015 | Chandra Johnson Deseret News | Hot Topics

10 people who have depression describe what it feels like

Amid all the celebrations, merriment and cheer of the holiday season, a high amount of Americans still suffer from depression.

November 27, 2015 | Herb Scribner Deseret News | Hot Topics

The dishes most Americans crave this Thanksgiving

As family members collaborate to prepare Thanksgiving dinner Thursday morning, they might want to go double the servings for stuffing.

November 26, 2015 | Payton Davis Deseret News | Hot Topics

How Snapchat can make your holiday travels more enjoyable

Stuck in an airport on a delayed layover on your way to Thanksgiving dinner and have no idea what to do?

November 25, 2015 | Herb Scribner Deseret News | Hot Topics

10 retailers with highest Black Friday discounts

Black Friday has gained popularity over the years with people frantic to do some major bargain shopping for Christmas. If you are planning to brave ...

November 25, 2015 | Faith Heaton Jolley | Hot Topics

Stress in a child's life may set stage for chronic disease when that child is grown

A stressful childhood may portend chronic illness later in life, including heart disease or diabetes, according to results of a Harvard study that spanned decades.

November 25, 2015 | Lois M. Collins Deseret News | Hot Topics

New school lunch regulations could turn food into something kids won’t eat

Generations of American students who lunched on mystery meat, sloppy Joes, limp pizza, creamed turkey and the ubiquitous pigs in a blanket may now look ...

November 25, 2015 | Eric Schulzke Deseret News | Hot Topics

Have You Seen This? Adele perfectly impersonates … Adele

THE STAGE — For those of you who may have just today emerged from living under a rock, popstar extraordinaire Adele released her greatly anticipated album ...

November 25, 2015 | Martha Ostergar | Hot Topics

Stop dreading family parties


November 25, 2015 | Kim Giles | Hot Topics

This year I'm thankful for those who helped me find my inner athlete

Thanksgiving wasn’t always my favorite holiday. Growing up, Christmas was always No. 1. Staying up late to watch Christmas specials on TV because there ...

November 25, 2015 | Kim Cowart Deseret News | Hot Topics

15 small things super happy couples do

I used to think that happiness was a result of circumstances. However, I've learned that happiness is a choice. For me, that realization is ...

November 25, 2015 | Melinda Fox FamilyShare | Hot Topics

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