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Cattle ranchers double their pleasure
Twin calves born to a cow owned by Donnie and Kathy Waddell, above, frolic at the Waddells’ farm near Guyton. - photo by Photo by Rick Lott

Kathy Waddell went out to feed the cows a couple of weeks ago and wound up getting quite a surprise.

She found that one of the cows had just given birth to twins. And that’s a very rare thing as only 8 in 100 births are twins. To top the day off, another cow had also given birth to one calf that same day.

The mother cow is a 3-year-old Charolai and the father is a year-and-a-half-old Red Angus. Waddell said that a lot of times in cases like this, they have problems but both mother and calves seem to be doing just fine.

Her husband Donnie said one calf was male and the other female. The Waddells raise just a few cows, so three new births just about doubled their small herd in Guyton.