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Clyo Youth No. 375 are grand champs at state youth grand session
Tiera Williams
Tiera Williams won state recorder - photo by Photo provided

Clyo Youth No. 375 won the Order of Eastern Star’s second year grand championships at the 33rd state youth grand session.

Clyo Youth won first place in scrapbook and poster board. Cashmen Morrell was chapter king and chapter queen Tierra Williams won state recorder. Chenell Wright was first runner-up in district queen, and Morrell and Jasmine Cope each won second place in the state reading contest.

Officers and members of Clyo Youth No. 375, OES No. 297 and Lodge No. 262 of Clyo, Sister Altena Garvin, Sister Beverly Scott, Sister Clara Williams, Sister LaTasta Jefferson, Sister Ronnita Kight, Brother Joe Griffin and Brother John Pinkney expressed their thanks to Brother Michael Garvin and Smalls Funeral Home for sponsoring their T-shirts. Members also said it takes a village to raise children and they are thankful for the village of Effingham.

This year’s theme was “Yes we can.”