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ECRP costume contest results
dog witch wnr
Best Costume – Kandaice Nelson (KoKo/Witch)
Costume Contest for Children

Winners for Ages 0-4
Most Original – Megan Coleman (Bunny Rabbit)
Best Costume – Mason Gibney (Robot)
Grand Prize – Marshal Brant (Vampire)
Other participants – Morgan Coleman, Zachary Hall, Devin Hallman, Violet Parker Hall, Noah Hallman, Emily Ertzberger, Graham Zeil, Eimlie Rowland, Malkolm Stephens, Xavier Stephens, Amber Newsome, Austin McDonald,  Landon Cintron, Logan Cintron

Winners for Ages 5-8
Most Original – Hunter Carper (Sumo)
Best Costume – Isabella Cintron (Witch Harry Potter)
Grand Prize – Jace Thames (Viking)
Other participants – ZyQuez Johnson, Jada Todd, Austin Brant, Patrick McDonald, Jeffrey Lonon, Austin Carper, Madeline Gibney, Taylor Anderson, Trey Anderson, Katie Nelson, Noel Zeil, Cody Harford, Courtney Cubbedge, Angelina Cintron

Winners for Ages 9-12
Most Original – Caitlin Ertzberger (She Devil)—not pictured
Best Costume – Caleb Zeil (Pirate)
Grand Prize – Tyler Childers (Davey Jones)
Other participants – Casey Alderton, Tiffani Ertzberger, Steven Parker, Chandler Cubbedge

Pets Costume Winners - Canines

Most Original – Joanne Thames (Roscoe/Spider)
Best Costume – Kandaice Nelson (KoKo/Witch)
Grand Prize – Cliff & Cindy Huggins (Ella-Lola/Cops & Robbers)

Pets Costume Winners - Felines

Grand Prize – Kristina Stevenson (Snowy/Pirates)