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Garden Club awards decoration winners
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The Springfield Garden Club held its annual Springfield outdoor Christmas decorations contest on Dec. 12. Members drove around the community viewing decorations that could be seen from the outside. They judged homes, businesses, public buildings and churches in 14 different categories.

Winners were:

Overall traditional
1. Bill and Sue Exley
2. Tommy and Melissa Arden
3. Bobbie and Tammy Jackson

Overall creative
1. Kirk and Alicia Harnage
2. Jane Graham
3. Candace Harman

Overall fantasy
1. James and Alveta Daughtry
2. Johnathan Simmons
3. Harry Lee

Overall Christmas theme
1. Jimmy and Trudy Sapp
2. Craig and Harriett Armstrong
3. Edward Hodges

Children’s theme
1. Keith and Kathy Johnson
2. Dennis and Morgan Webb
3. John and Marty Carnegie

1. Carolyn Bashlor
2. Scott and Stacie Viel
3. Holy Trinity Church

1. Terrel and Lona Webb
2. Richard and Linda Stansfield
3. Ron and Nancy Roberts

1. Dale Hinely
2. Derrell and Alice Banks
3. Joyce Bowers

Outdoor tree
1. James and Amanda Neidlinger
2. Charles Neidlinger Jr.
3. Palmer Ford

1. Hey Beautiful Salon
2. Ever After
3. Brylies Walk

Public buildings
1. Effingham Courthouse
2. Senior Citizens building

1. Holy Trinity
2. Springfield Methodist

1. Joanns

Subdivision entrance
1. Cedar Creek