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Georgia tomatoes still safe
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Georgia grown tomatoes are still safe, said Georgia Commissioner of Agriculture Tommy Irvin.

“Georgia grown tomatoes remain on the safe list of tomatoes compiled by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA),” Irvin said. “News of seven people in Georgia who got sick from eating contaminated tomatoes should not confuse anyone about the safety of the tomatoes grown here. No tomatoes grown in Georgia have been linked to the outbreak of salmonella-related illnesses.”

Although some food retailers have pulled all tomatoes from their shelves and menus, those purchasing Georgia grown tomatoes do not need to worry. Georgia grown tomatoes are not on the FDA’s list of possible sources of salmonella contamination.

Consumers should check with their local grocers and restaurants as to where the tomatoes for sale were grown. Produce can also be purchased directly from farmers and farmer’s markets.

“I encourage everyone to buy their tomatoes from Georgia growers,” Irvin said. “Buying locally grown produce is the best way to ensure quality as well as safety.”