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Georgians falling ill from dietary supplement
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ATLANTA — The Georgia Department of Human Resources, Division of Public Health is investigating at least 20 suspected cases of illness due to a dietary supplement that is currently being voluntarily recalled by Total Body Essential Nutrition of Atlanta, the sole distributor of the products.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration and the Division of Public Health are advising Georgians not to purchase or consume “Total Body Formula” and “Total Body Mega Formula” in tropical orange and peach nectar flavors or “Total Body Mega Formula” in the orange/tangerine flavor.

The FDA found hazardous levels of selenium in samples of certain flavors of the dietary supplement products. Normal consumption of food and water provides adequate selenium to support good health. Excessive intake of selenium is known to cause symptoms such as significant hair loss, muscle cramps, diarrhea, joint pain, fatigue, loss of finger nails and blistering skin.

Georgia public health officials indicate that suspected cases are occurring statewide. Cases experienced symptoms such as muscle and joint pain, fingernail discoloration, diarrhea, fatigue and hair loss. The Division of Public Health is conducting an investigation to identify additional cases.

Consumers are advised to discontinue using these products immediately and discard them by placing them in a trash receptacle outside of the home. Individuals who have been consuming the products and have experienced adverse reactions should contact their health provider for advice.

For information regarding selenium toxicity, Georgians are encouraged to contact the Georgia Poison Center at (800) 222-1222. Consumers can also contact the Georgia Division of Public Health epidemiology section at (404) 657-2588.

For more information, visit the FDA’s Web site at General information about selenium can be found on the Centers for Disease Prevention and Control’s Web site,