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Dads, dead squirrels and teachable moments
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A father and son were riding home from church, and the boy was filling out a crossword puzzle. The boy said, “How do you spell God?” The father was excited to help in his spiritual development, and gladly replied: “G-O-D,” and asked, “Anything else?” The boy said, “Yes, how do you spell “Zilla?”

Brian Harbour tells about a little boy who told his dad that he saw a squirrel flattened in the road. The father saw it as a teachable moment about safety, and said, “That’s what can happen to you when you play in the road.”

Later, the boy was playing with his friends, and he said, “My Dad told me what happens to you when you die.” His friends got wide-eyed, and asked, “What?” He answered: “You become a squirrel.”

Sometimes our kids don’t understand us, but we fathers have an awesome opportunity to influence the values of our children. Research shows that fathers have more influence than mothers in values development of children, especially spiritual values. A recent study found that when Mom attends but Dad does not, only 2 percent of the children grow up to be regular churchgoers. But if Dad attends and Mom does not, 44 percent of the children grow up to attend church regularly.

No wonder the Bible specifically tells fathers to bring up their children in the training and instruction of the Lord (Ephesians 6:4). Hey men, this Father’s Day, set the spiritual tone in your household, and take your family to church with you. You’ll be glad you did.

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