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Gifts of gold, frankincense and mirth
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During a school play near London, three 6-year-old boys acted out the role of the wise men. As they presented their gifts at the nativity scene, each boy stepped forward and stated what they were offering to Christ.

The first held out his arms and said, “Gold.” The second boy knelt down and said, “Myrrh.” The last boy stepped forward and declared, “Frank sent this.”

Someone people have speculated as to what the first Christmas might have been like if wise women had come from the east instead of wise men. They would have asked for directions, made it to Bethlehem on time, helped with the delivery, cleaned up the stable, made a decent meal, and brought some practical gifts.

That may be true! Nevertheless, we can all be wise women and wise men, as long as we remember the true meaning of Christmas.

The wise men brought gifts to Christ, not to one another. We would be wise to ask what gift we can give in return for God sending us His Son.

How about a gift to missions and Christian ministries to share the gospel? After all, the angels announced good news of great joy for all people, that Christ the Savior has been born in Bethlehem (Luke 2:10-11).

Jesus provides the joy of forgiveness from sin. Jesus gives us the joy of purpose in our lives. Jesus prepares a joyful place for each believer in Heaven.

The wise men may have brought the Christ-child gifts of gold and frankincense, but at his birth Christ brought us mirth.

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