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8 ways to motivate your Grinch this holiday season
Not everyone thinks the holidays are the most wonderful time of the year, and some of your loved ones may be downright Grinchy. Here are 8 tips to get them to cooperate with you during the holidays. - photo by Jessie Shepherd, MA, AMCHC
Not everyone thinks the holidays are the most wonderful time of the year, and some of your loved ones may be downright grinchy.

Instead of getting frustrated with your ba-humbug buddy, here are 8 tips to get them to cooperate with you during the holidays:

1. Let them know you need them

Honesty is the best policy when it comes to letting people know what your needs are. Sometimes these needs are getting the lights on the house and picking up a fresh pine tree for the living room.

If you feel like youre the only one creating the holiday joy this season, let your Grinch know that you need their help. It may not be met with a heel click and a smile, but you will at least have shared your feelings and your wants.

2. Be straightforward

Sometimes it is best just to rip off the band-aide instead of slowly peeling it off. The holidays are no exception.

If you need your spouse to be holly jolly at the family party, tell them you need it- no questions asked. This makes clear expectations of how you would like the event to play out. By sharing your expectations, it reduces your resentment towards each other.

3. Be realistic

Communicating honestly and as straightforward as possible is the best way to make your Grinch aware of your needs- but keep in mind that you need to be realistic. You cant expect them to be chipper on your all day gift-shopping spree because that is almost impossible. If they put up lights the exact opposite way you would, take some deep breaths and think to yourself it is wonderful that they are helping.

4. Let them make decisions

It is important to understand that your loved one should have a say in how they are going to accomplish a task since they are going to be the one doing it. On the occasion you ask them to do an errand or task, let them have artistic license. When people have a choice, they are more vested in the process and outcome. They also tend to have a better attitude about completing the errand you have asked of them.

5. Help them out

It is always more fun to complete a holiday task with another person, specifically if you are excited to do it. Your positive attitude can bring up the holly jolly mood and even make it go faster. You get extra points for being playful and comical; maybe youll even get a smile.

6. Let them have down time

There are a million chores to get done around the holidays, which make it even more important that you take time to enjoy doing nothing. Although it is fun to run around seeing lights, getting hot cocoa, and visiting Santa, it is more important to enjoy each other during the holidays.

7. Lots of praise

The absolute best motivator is positive feedback. So make sure you are noting the awesome help they are giving you and then let them know. Make sure all of your comments are sincere, or it will produce the opposite effect. Sharing the praise is also a great way to uplift the feel around the home and before you know it, the positive vibes will spread to all family members.

8. We all like rewards

Some people call this bribing, but I like to think of it as a reward. If they are adamant about not helping you with a project, talk to them about making a reward deal.

The most effective rewards are clear and understood by both parties. For example, If you help me find a thoughtful gift for your Aunt Rida, I will leave you to watch football with no distractions.

Make sure the deal is fully understood and agreed upon so that both people know what they need to do to follow through.

Keeping all this in mind, remember that spending time with one another is the most important. So deck the halls and be merry, but take time to snuggle by the fire. Be kind to your fellow man and treasure these moments for you will reminisce them for years to come. Happy holidays.