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Chip Gaines photos go viral for wearing a tool belt during charity race
Gaines ran the Silo District Marathon on Sunday while wearing a toolbelt. The marathon took place in Waco, Texas, which had temperatures close to 87 degrees. - photo by Herb Scribner
Chip Gaines decided to run a marathon now that hes done filming Fixer Upper.

But that doesnt mean he left his tool belt at home.

According to USA Today, Gaines ran the Silo District Marathon Sunday while wearing a tool belt. The marathon took place in Waco, Texas, which had temperatures close to 87 degrees.

Joanna Gaines captured her husband Chips finish at the marathon in an Instagram post.

Couldnt be prouder of you, she wrote. You did it!

Others captured photos of Chip running with the belt latched around his waist.

They show Gaines decked out in a what appears to be a leather belt with attachments that dangled nearly to his knees. It was supported by two thick suspender straps, according to USA Today.

As the Waco Tribune-Herald reported, Gaines pledged to run the marathon with the funds he raised going to the Brave Like Gabe Foundation, which seeks out cures for rare cancers.

Gaines said in a post for the Gaines' Magnolia blog that he met a woman named Gabriele Gabe Grunewald, a professional runner who battled a form of adenoid cystic carcinoma, who inspired him to run.

After hearing Gabes story, I realized two things: I didnt want to spend another second standing on the sidelines, Chip wrote. And secondly, given what shes gone through, I didnt have any excuse not to give this a shot. So I committed.

Gaines preparation for the race was long documented among running magazines, including Runners World, which interviewed Gaines back in March.

Gaines said he enjoyed sharing his preparation and training.

Its been exciting, Gaines told Runners World. I like sharing it. Ive always pushed people to chase their goals, no matter how big, and its about time I put my money where my mouth is. Hopefully this all convinces someone else to do something they think is impossible. Thatd make it all worth it for me.