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Dad posts video of his daughter at church; now its going viral and when you see it youll understan
Over 21 thousand people had something to say about this little girl. - photo by Amberlee Lovell
Tyler Hulls daughter, Aubrey, became a viral sensation when her Dad posted a video of the toddler in church.

In the video, this little cutie made sure everyone going up for communion felt welcomed. She did this by forcing a hug on everyone in line and anything short of a hug was not adequate. When one man tries to just sweetly grasp the toddlers hand, she wont have it. Eventually he gives her a sweet little hug. When you watch this darling video, its not hard to see why its gone viral.

There were over 21 thousand comments on the Love What Matters post, praising the Hull family for raising up such a loving toddler:

This little lady is also given a lot of love at home - its evident by how she chooses to also share love with others. Makes me smile and tear up at the same time, wrote Donna Williams Gomez.

Rebecca Martinez Schares seemed to sum it up best "Oh my gosh!! What better way to receive communion than to be welcomed by one of God's little ones. You've got one precious soul in that little one!!! Cherish her!! Thanks for sharing"