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Have You Seen This? Heart-racing close call on Russian roads
Snowy roads, dicey drivers, cool heads and dash cams. - photo by Martha Ostergar
THE TUNDRA We should thank Russia every day for their dash cam habit.

The reasons many drivers in Russia install dash cams may not be ideal, but it sure adds a lot of great videos to the internet.

This video is brought to us by one such dash cam, and its an eye-popping watch that will make your adrenaline start pumping even though youre watching from the safety of your own home.

The video shows a two-lane highway on a recent snowy day. One driver gets impatient behind a truck and tries to overtake the bigger vehicle in what is clearly a dicey situation at best. Of course, this leads to some defensive driving from oncoming traffic, which involves hard braking, which involves sliding on a slushy road into oncoming traffic.

The sliding car veers in front of the dash cam-appointed car, showing an intense near miss for at least the three cars that are in view of the dash cam. It is an incredibly close call all around, and its difficult to imagine how no one crashed or was seriously injured even when you see it repeatedly with your own eyes.

One of the most remarkable things about the video is the driver doesnt make a sound during the ordeal, not even the whoosh of a sharp intake of breath. Hes seemingly as cool as a cucumber as is every other driver who immediately pops out of their vehicle.

As winter weather bears down upon us, I encourage us all to use this video as a cautionary tale. Changed road conditions require changed driving strategies. Because more often than not, a sliding situation on a busy road will lead to accident and injury instead of a nail-biting close call.

Stay safe out there, friends.