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Have You Seen This? How golfers play Jenga
Jenga. What a great game, am I right? - photo by Mary Dalrymple
GAME CENTRAL Jenga. What a great game, am I right?

Remember those days when you were a kid? You and your siblings would sit sprawled across the living room floor, trying to pass time on a quiet Sunday afternoon. No one felt like playing a three-hour game of Monopoly, but Jenga, yes Jenga, was where it was at.

The designated game leader that every family had no matter what (the same person who was always the banker in Monopoly or Life) would set up the game and then you'd go around in turns, each making one anxiety-inducing move after another, waiting for the tower of blocks to come crumbling down.

The game usually only lasted a few minutes and then, in the split second it took for the tower to crash to the carpet, the existential thoughts would rush through your head. "Am I really having as much fun as I possibly could be?" "Am I reaching my true Jenga potential?" "Should I take up golfing?" "What is the true meaning of Jenga?"

Well, my friends, the answers to those profound, soul-defining questions we have all been asking since our youthful days lie in this video.

The video shows a man combining golf and Jenga, and there's really not much more I can say about it besides that. And the fact that it's probably the coolest Jenga game you'll ever watch.

It may not totally change your entire life like our "Have You Seen This?" videos usually do, but it could change your Jenga strategies, and in my book, that's as life-altering as it gets. At the end of the day, if all I can say is that I helped one person enjoy Jenga a little more, I think I can say I succeeded. So go, my friends, enjoy the video and achieve your true Jenga potential (just try really hard to not break anything in the process; does not endorse golfing indoors unless it is at a specifically designated mini-golf course).