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Have You Seen This? Joke chicken makes serious music
Maybe its time to teach kids how to play the rubber chicken in school instead of the recorder. - photo by Martha Ostergar
THE STUDIO Theres no accounting for music tastes or internet video trends.

But were lucky thats true because suspect music likes and weird things that become popular on the internet are what make videos like the one featured possible.

As Americans, we have a long history of making novelty songs popular, whether we love them or hate them. From Monster Mash and King Tut, to Barbie Girl and Friday, theyve all had their day in the sun (Yes, I realize that Rebecca Blacks Friday isnt technically a novelty song, but it was an odd internet phenomenon nonetheless).

I believe that our historical attention to the novelty songs of the world has fueled part of the internet video genre of creating or covering songs in unique and sometimes weird ways. Maybe we just like the familiar to be turned on its head to add surprise and variety to our lives.

Enter this featured video that involves a man using a squeaky chicken to cover a song called Heart Shaker, and it will shake your heart indeed. But maybe not in a good way.

Whether you love or hate this video, you have to admit one thingit is incredibly impressive that this musician can get so many controlled tones and noises out of a rubber chicken ... even if his face looks like hes the opposite of impressed with his skills.

I, for one, am voting that we stop teaching kids to play the recorder in school and start teaching them to play the rubber chicken. All in favor, say aye.