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Have You Seen This? Living life in reverse
Watching things in reverse can be mesmerizing. - photo by Faith Heaton Jolley
BACKWARDSVILLE Watching things in reverse can be mesmerizing.

YouTuber MarkHacks seems to think so too, as evidenced by the latest video on his channel. He took some of the most mundane tasks of life, like folding laundry and peeling an orange, and gave them the new appeal of watching it in reverse.

Basically, if you have the right equipment and skills, you can make anything look awesome with proper video edits. And for those interested, MarkHacks did another video where he does a tutorial on how to make a slow-motion bottle (apparently, that part wasnt video effects.)

Watching the folded towels jump off the bed and back into his hand definitely makes me wish I could use video editing to simplify all my chores in real life (heres looking at you, dirty dishes.)

So enjoy this soothing video while I continue to avoid my house chores.