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Have You Seen This? Rat takes shower like human, is now famous
Is shower rat real? - photo by Mary Dalrymple
THE SEWER Over the weekend, a video of a rat taking a shower started going viral on Reddit and Twitter.

The video in and of itself is amazing, which is obviously why it's going viral. The rat is so human-like as he washes the soap around his body that, depending on your feelings toward rodents, you are sure to either think this is amazingly cute or just plain creepy.

But a wider debate surrounds this video as it should. And that debate is this: Is it real?

One of the first responses to the video on Reddit says, "WHY IS NOBODY EXPLAINING THIS?!" Which is precisely how I felt as I watched the video 100 times Saturday night. Surely rats can't act this human-like or they would have already taken over the world. Also, if rats take showers why are they known as such dirty creatures? How and why did this happen?

The video doesn't really look edited, which makes me lean toward believing it's real. But according to Gizmodo, shower rat is "very obviously not showering." Their guess is that someone poured some soap on a rat and this is the rat's natural reaction to trying to get all the soap off its body.

I think that doesn't really explain the whole "this rat acts exactly like a human" aspect of the video, and I'm starting to believe the movie "Ratatouille" is based on a true story. Either way, enjoy the video and then take our poll to help us decide if shower rat is real or not.