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Have You Seen This? Stove Top makes stretchy Thanksgiving dinner pants
In case you wanted to be comfortable AND look ridiculous. - photo by Angie Treasure
THE DINNER TABLE People have varying opinions on the distinct feeling that accompanies overeating.

For some, they love that physical sensation that comes with being filled to the brim with carbs and protein. For others, it feels like their organs are all being squished together, butting up against constrictive clothing items.

Luckily for us (we think), Stove Top wants to address that slight discomfort around the holidays and wants Americans to ditch traditional jeans and khakis for their Stove Top Thanksgiving Dinner Pants.

In a tongue-in-cheek ad released on Stove Top Stuffing's YouTube channel, a family of four addresses the pants problem present around every turkey-laden table: We're going to eat a lot on Thanksgiving and we want to be comfortable while doing so. Their Thanksgiving Dinner Pants are stretchy, aggressively unfashionable and on sale for $19.98 on a dedicated website.

The ad is goofy and fun and something your uncle would definitely show you on his outdated iPhone while pulling out his own purchased pair before the pumpkin pie shows up.

Unfortunately, it looks like Stove Top's first installment of their fashion line is sold out on the website, though they are offering downloadable greeting cards as a consolation. Either way, we can all take a page from the stuffing company and accept that we're never going to impress our mothers-in-law and we should just wear elastic waistbands to Thanksgiving dinner. Who's with me?