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Try these 9 easy tricks and watch your hair grow long and healthy
Wishing your locks were longer? - photo by McKenna Park
Looking for longer, healthier hair but dont want to splurge on expensive hair products or pricy extensions? Don't worry. You can get healthier (and longer locks) by trying these simple tricks:

1. Braid those strands

If your hair isn't able to grow long and luscious due to breakage, braiding your hair at night may be your saving grace. The long plaits will save your precious strands from breaking when you toss and turn at night, according to hair experts. As a bonus, you'll wake up to mermaid waves in the morning!

2. Stop the bleach

According to the Washington Post, the bleaching pigments in hair dye weaken each individual strand of hair by breaking down your natural pigment and weakening your hair's fatty acids. Even with special shampoos for bleached hair or your hairdressers promise that shes using a less harmful product, bleaching and coloring your hair is damaging. To grow hair long and healthy, cancel your coloring appointments.

3. Choose more Omega 3s

Dont shy away from the term fatty acids when it comes to Omega 3. It's not only one of the healthiest fats you can eat, they also do wonders for your hair. To get more Omega 3 in your diet, eat salmon, anchovies, tuna, trout, walnuts and flaxseed, according to WebMD. Make these a regular part of your diet and watch your hair turn silkier and shinier.

4. Hold the heat

Some of us dont even wear our hair down unless its heat-styled. But straighteners, curling irons and hair dryers are one of the biggest causes of your damaged tresses. You probably know this already, but just keep it in mind that your curling iron might be keeping you from the healthy long hair you want.

5. Crack an egg

There are several homemade hair mask recipes out there, but an egg-based version is one of the most beneficial for growing your hair long, long, long. When applied to your hair, the high amount of protein (up to 6.5 grams per egg) temporarily fills in weak spots in your strands, letting them grow long and strong.

For an easy and affordable hair mask, simply crack an egg and whisk, then coat your hair with the mixture. Rinse thoroughly after 20-30 minutes. Avoid rinsing in hot water, unless you want that egg to scramble, then shampoo and condition. Optional mask mix-ins include olive oil, coconut oil, honey and yogurt.

6. Guzzle H2O

Hydration is so important to your overall health. Your whole body needs water, and your hair is no exception. Staying hydrated will help stimulate your cells which improves healthy hair growth, the experts at Hair Growth HQ point out.

7. Trim split ends

When youre trying to grow your hair longer, trimming it might sound like the last thing you should do. Its counterintuitive, but regularly trimmed hair may help your hair grow longer, especially if it's prone to breakage. Hair expert Cunnane Phillips points out all ladies (even those growing out their hair) should get a trim every six to eight weeks.

8. Cut the chlorine

Chlorine is another chemical that can be a barrier to the healthy long hair you want. A couple dunks in the pool wont hurt, but frequent swims can damage your hair, making it brittle and and dry. If you cant stay away from the pool, try a swim cap (especially if you swim for exercise or competitively). For a more casual day at the pool, wear your hair up and keep your head above water. After swimming, health writer Min-Ja Lee suggests coating your hair in a oil or silicone serum to help boost hydration.

9. Avoid tight updos

Tight buns and ponytails might look sleek and sexy, but you might be keeping your hair from its long and healthy potential if you rock this look often. Celebrity hair stylist Mark Hill says how "over time this will put a strain on the finer hair around the front hairline and make it go thinner and become weak". Hill also cautions against using hair bands with metal fasteners which can snag and pull out hair.

You can do a lot to help get long and luscious hair by maintaining a healthy diet and hair care, but remember genetics also pay a factor in how long your hair will grow...but that shouldn't stop you from trying. Use these easy tips to see how long and shiny your tresses get.