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Video: Stingray jumps onto ramp to get food from tourists
Delighted tourists get to feed and pet a wild stingray. - photo by YouTube Capture

MALDIVES — A group of tourists had an unforgettable experience when a large stingray propelled itself onto a ramp to get some food.

The video shows a group of tourists feeding fish from a wooden ramp in Maldives, an island nation in the Indian Ocean. The tourists were throwing food into the water while a large stingray swam nearby.

Then the stingray swam onto the ramp and suddenly propelled itself close to the tourists to get some food, all the while flapping its wings similar to a dog wagging its tail. The delighted tourists got to pet the stingray while they fed it, and the animal even gave a few grunts.

Stingrays typically eat small fish, snails, clams and shrimp.