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Kildare kids hit the water
buggy ride
Swimming isn’t the only thing at Carolyn Hilten’s home as front, Shacoria Smith, Samantha Simmons and Chloe Ward, and back, Lakeisha Williams, Lauralee Clifton and Zack Clif discovered. - photo by Photo by Sandi Van Orden

Children in the Kildare area were learning to swim last week at a camp Carolyn Hilten provided at her home.
Hilten said this is the third year she has had the free camp for the children in the area.

She said all of the children have swimming lessons, time for arts and crafts and she teaches about the history of the 150-year-old house and forestry.

“I’ve done camps all my life,” Hilten said. She said she enjoys teaching the children.

Shacoria Smith said she has had fun at the camp.

“I think it’s nice of Ms. Carolyn to be having it,” Lakeisha Williams said.

Hilten said she hopes to continue the camp next year.