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Lamar Allen family offers thanks
lamar allen crop

The Lamar Allen Family would like to take this opportunity to thank those who have supported us throughout the past months.  Following Lamar’s accident on June 26th, it became apparent how blessed we are to live in such an uplifting, giving community and beyond.

During these difficult months we have been touched by many individuals.  To Dr. Joseph Ratchford , who was first on the scene, we send our heartfelt appreciation.  Nor will be contributions of unsung Hero’s;  Tommie Lewis, Jessie Cimo, Matt Hendrix and John Saluta EMT’s and our Flight nurse, Allison Herrington, who went above and beyond to maintain vitals during those first crucial minutes and flight. Our appreciation extends to the medical personnel to include Effingham County nurses at Memorial Medical Hospital Trauma Unit who not only provided the above and beyond care  for Lamar, but who sustained our faith and hope throughout the trying and difficult days.

We want to thank our family and friends whose support has been unwavering from the beginning.  To those who immediately responded and appeared at the hospital the day of the accident we send our grateful appreciation. 

We cannot fully express our gratitude to others who appeared day after day with baskets, words of encouragement, and hope throughout the duration of Lamar’s 111 days in the hospital.

Social Media is oftentimes viewed as  negative; however, throughout the duration of our journey it has been vital in providing Lamar’s progress. 

In turn our family was strengthened by post of encouragement, love and concern from throughout the community and afar.

As Lamar’s healing progressed he came home to Effingham Health Systems for rehabilitation. 

The staff at Effingham Health  providing not only the rehabilitation to get Lamar up and walking again, but also the positivity that was needed during many trying  days. 

The continued visits from family and dear friends truly lifted Lamar’s spirits during difficult times. 

The many acts of kindness we have received are indicative of the unceasing support this community has provided.   We are truly humbled by and thankful for each and every one of you.