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Annette Altman
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To my daughter on her birthday

I just wanted to let you know, I’m singing songs of praises
With the ones up here you know.
I know it’s your first birthday without me there to share,
But, I’m having a party here in heaven
With a special guest you know!
I miss all of you, my darling,
But there’s something you should know,
There’s a party here everyday
When a new guest comes through the door.
So, remember that I love you
And I’m celebrating here for you,
Every day’s a birthday, with Jesus, as you know.
Tell your brothers I miss them, and that
I love them, too.
Time to go back to the party,
Someone new has just come in the door.

For my daughter,
Frances Butler and her brothers,
Thomas and Philip Altman

From, Mama