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Penny Addie Ellisor Lovett
9.12 lovett memorial

In loving memory of Penny “Addie” Ellisor Lovett

Who went home to be with her God on Sept. 13, 2006
It has been two years. We still call her name
Long for the sound of her voice
And the loving touch of her hands. Our hearts still ache for
The loss of her, but she taught us to smile through
Our tears and to live life fully
Each day, until we see her again.
Much loved and sadly missed by family and friends.

Penny’s Song
Written for Penny by Dawn Frazier Lariscey (Penny’s niece, God Child and namesake)

She is the backbone
She is the one who accepts the burden
If she staggers, it is not because she falters,
But because her great heart is only human
She has no patience with weakness or fools
She will haul them along despite themselves
Spirits like hers traveled in covered wagons and ride in spaceships
Indominitable, she never bows
Her head is held high
She is root and trunk
She is the strong bow the prophet speaks of
She shakes her fist in the teeth of chaos
Yet, sustains, nurtures, comforts
Sing and honor her
She is Matriarch