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Sheldon Scott Bevill
July 9, 2003-July 4, 2006
07.03 Bevill mem.
Sheldon Scott Bevill - photo by Photo submitted

In heaven, children angels spend their days frolicking in ever blossoming gardens filled with brightly colored flowers. They play among scented fruit trees on soft wind-swept grassy pathways.

In heaven, children angels sometimes nap in the warmth of the sunlight and other times dance barefoot and spread their wings to enjoy the tickle of an occasional shower. There are no thunderstorms in heaven, just gentle rains that are always followed by rainbows.

We love you and miss you so much, our little angel.

Daddy, Mama, Sadie, MeMe, Papa, Grandma Peggy, Pop, aunts, uncles, Courtland and many other family members and friends.