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Race is finished
Couples daughter takes second in global trek
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Twelve weeks of stressful television watching came to an end Sunday night for Randy and Michele Edmondson of Guyton.

As their daughter Jaime, a former Miami Dolphins cheerleader, finished second in CBS’ “The Amazing Race,” the Edmondsons continued their role as her biggest cheerleaders.

“She’s so focused and driven,” Michele said. “It has been very intense and stressful. Just coming up to the time of the show, like an hour before, it’s like waiting for Christmas. I am so proud of her, especially as a woman to achieve the things she has.”

Jaime and former cheerleading teammate Cara Rosenthal made the final three teams in the reality show’s trek around the globe. Sunday night’s final leg took the teams from Beijing, China, to Maui for their final tasks.

Jaime, whose exploits with taxi drivers throughout the nine countries became fodder for bloggers across the Web, and Cara were submarined again by another taxi driver who became lost on Maui. Their final challenge — after the two women hauled a 140-pound pig down the beach and prepared it for a luau — had Jaime trying to arrange a surfboard fence. Jaime had to find the right surfboards, those with depictions of each of their previous stops along the way, and place them in the right order.

Jaime finished second, just ahead of Luke Allen, who teamed with his mother Margie. Sibling lawyers Victor and Tammy Jih completed the task first and reached the final pit stop first, earning the $1 million grand prize.

“In spite of the taxi drivers, which now will be in fear of her all over the world,” Michele said. “I’m very excited. I’m very relieved that it is over.”

But their daughter could not give them any information on where she had been or what had happened or how she finished. The episodes were shot just before Thanksgiving.

“It was easy for her,” Randy said. “She has a poker face.”

Michele said it was stressful “sitting with her and watching the shows and every week wondering, ‘is thing going to be it?’ and you’re sitting on the edge of your seat.”

Jaime and Cara became the first all-female team to reach the finals in the 14 seasons of the show.

Said Randy: “We’re proud of her.”