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Red Cross seeking volunteers
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Are you the kind of person who likes to help your neighbors?  Do you have a few evenings each month to just be “on call” if you’re needed?  If the answer is yes, the Savannah Chapter of the American Red Cross is looking for you!

In Southeast Georgia one family will experience a disaster like a house fire or flood about every 30 hours.  

In fact, last year the Savannah Red Cross was on the scene of more than 335 disasters, such as home fires, and helped 1,058 people begin the long road to recovery.  The Red Cross uses a network of volunteers to offer that assistance.  

But the area is growing rapidly, more people are moving here, and unfortunately disasters are happening more often every year.

“We are looking for individuals who have maybe 1 week a month where they can be on call overnight should someone need them. We offer free training, and the classes are actually very interesting,” said Geri McKinley, volunteer director.

“Many of the disasters happen overnight, so our volunteers get called out of bed. But at least they can go back to bed a few hours later knowing that because of them, the people they helped will also be sleeping in a bed rather than in their car or a shelter.”

“When you get to the scene, you’re meeting with people who really need your help” said Dan Mobley, a longtime Red Cross volunteer. “They’ve just lost everything, right down to the keys to their car. You just do not know until you’ve been there how great a thing you’re doing by providing a family a warm safe place to stay, the ability to get a hot meal and some new clothes.”

To volunteer with the Savannah Chapter of the American Red Cross, call director of volunteers Geri McKinley, at (912) 651-5314.

Volunteer orientations are hosted monthly, and the schedule of disaster classes is online at