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AeroDynamic opens new Effingham County plant
Modern facility can hold 150 employees
Community partners and AeroDynamic employees gather for official ribbon cutting at AeroDynamic’s new facility in Effingham County, Georgia. Holding the scissors: (L-R) Chris Burnsed, Chief Executive Officer and Johnny Garmon, Chief Analytics Officer, AeroDyanmic Aviation.

AeroDynamic Aviation, Inc., held a ribbon cutting for their new 40,000-square-foot manufacturing facility in Effingham County.  

This new facility, located on Highway 21 in Springfield, will allow AeroDynamic to continue serving as a reliable supplier in the aerospace industry.

AeroDynamic Aviation, Inc. began operations in Effingham County in 2014 with nine full time employees and three machines.  The company expanded organically in their existing facility in Rincon, ultimately employing 42 employees with 10 machines.  

In 2019 Johnny Garmon, chief analytics officer, and Chris Burnsed, chief executive officer, began making plans for a new facility that would accommodate the company’s growth well into the future.  

“We wanted to plan for future growth,” Garmon said.  “We are invested in Effingham County, and want to make sure that we have room to grow into our new facility, and expand beyond that if needed.”

AeroDynamic currently employs 60 at the new facility, and can easily accommodate up to 150 full time employees.  

“The new facility will allow us to keep up with the growth in sales we’ve seen over the past six years, and to provide a space where our employees can continue to produce the quality workmanship that our customers have come to expect from us,” Burnsed said.  “I was born and raised in Effingham County, and to me, there was no other place that I would want to establish and grow my business.  The talent we have here, and the work ethic you find in the labor force is unmatched, and that is why we are so invested in this community.”

“We are fortunate to have people like Chris and Johnny in our community who are willing to continue to invest and create a life for themselves and their employees right here in Effingham County,” said Brandt Herndon, chief executive officer of the Effingham County Industrial Development Authority.  “We look forward to seeing AeroDynamic continue to grow and thrive in our community.”