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Next 'Girls Night Out' to cover options for breast surgery
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Women who are considering breast surgery, whether it is reconstructive surgery after a mastectomy or electing to undergo an augmentation procedure to restore breast volume lost after significant weight loss or pregnancy, or to reduce breast size in order to address a health issue such as chronic back pain, have a lot of factors to consider before making the decision to move forward.

Effingham Health System’s November "Girls Night Out" will explore the many options available to women today for breast plastic and cosmetic surgery, as well as provide need-to-know facts and information involved with these procedures.

"Girls Night Out" will be held Nov. 13 from 7-9 p.m. at the Effingham Imaging Center, 110 Goshen Rd. in Rincon. Dr. John W. Paletta of the Georgia Institute for Plastic Surgery and a visiting specialist with Effingham Health System will be the special guest speaker.  Dr. Paletta will provide insight and education on the various types of breast reconstruction and cosmetic procedures performed today.

He will provide an overview of the questions every woman should be asking to make sure the surgeon and the facility they choose are safe and accredited.

Following Dr. Paletta’s presentation, the evening’s program will take a new direction and focus on the change of season with Harry Capwell of Rare Earth Landscape, who will demonstrate how to arrange and care for fall plants.

There is no need to schedule an appointment to attend "Girls Night Out." For questions, call 826-1427 or 754-0421.