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Turning Effingham blue to show support for law enforcement
bow 2
Bows like this are available for $10 to show support for local law enforcement. The proceeds will benefit Manna House and Operation Lifesaver. Blue ribbons are available at no charge. - photo by Photo by Pat Donahue

Find them on Facebook at Color Effingham County Blue

There is an effort in Effingham County to turn the county blue to support the men and women in blue.

“Color Effingham County Blue” has blue ribbons available free for display and blue bows for $10, all to show gratitude for local law enforcement.

“It was just a way I wanted to show support for the police officers and law enforcement agencies in Effingham,” said Susie Davis, one of the Color Effingham County Blue organizers.

There will be an event Saturday at Rincon’s Macomber Park at 2 p.m., with the public invited to meet local law enforcement personnel and enjoy the “soda fountain” and other activities.

The reception for “Color Effingham County Blue” has been overwhelming, Davis said.

“I’ve heard nothing negative,” she said. “Everyone in Effingham is very pleased with our law enforcement and we feel very fortunate and blessed to have the force we do. Because of the law enforcement, those of us in Effingham are blessed and kind of feel like we live in Mayberry, and a lot of that has to do with the quality of life the law enforcement doing its part to keep our community safe. Folks flock to this county to live here and that’s one of the reasons why.”

Saturday’s event does not mark the end of the campaign, Davis added. One of the effort’s goals is to have people thinking about their local law enforcement and their families.

“I hope it doesn’t end,” she said. “This is what this is about, to give back to the officers and their families, as they give to us. The blue ribbons are just to get us thinking and be aware, but always be mindful of who they are and say thank you and don’t take them for granted.

“When you see your officer, say thank you or buy them a Coke and remember that it goes beyond the officer to their families. I don’t know what it’s like to live with that thought that when my loved one goes to work I don’t know if they’re coming home or not.”

Bows are available at the Effingham Herald, Medicap in Guyton and human resources department at Effingham County. Proceeds will go to

Manna House and Project Lifesaver. For more information, email, call Davis at (912) 675-0283, Lisa Bush at (912) 665-1985 or visit the Facebook page for Color Effingham County Blue.