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Madrac Farms to deliver farmers market to your door
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Fresh, local, seasonal produce will soon be available for home delivery from the county’s only farm that delivers. Madrac Farms in Rincon will begin taking orders Saturday at the Olde Effingham Days festival in downtown Springfield, and then by telephone and Internet on Monday.

“We are excited to bring this new option of shopping for produce — local produce — to the residents of Effingham County,” said Melissa Reagan, owner of Madrac Farms.

Their mission is simple – to bring people back to a more natural way of eating and providing for their families. Madrac Farms provides fresh fruits, vegetables, herbs and a loaf of hand-crafted bread by delivery in the form of what they call a Produce Pack, a recyclable bag filled with five, eight, or 10 pounds of seasonal produce. Free recipes and helpful tips on how to store produce are included in a newsletter delivered with each pack.

“The Produce Pack will be filled with all locally harvested produce and a different type of locally baked bread each week.” Reagan said. “We have some great farmers and natural producers in Effingham, and with the community’s support, we want to showcase our farm and others in the county, and what great products we all have.

Along with vegetables, fruits, and herbs, Madrac Farms also sells farm fresh eggs, local honey, cane syrup, beeswax candles, and other naturally made products.

Subscriptions are available in the form of weekly and biweekly delivery, and from one to three month periods.

“There is a real movement for more natural foods to be included in the food supply,” Reagan said. “People want a healthier vegetable. One that is free of pesticides and preservatives, and that didn’t take a month to get to your kitchen table. We give them that option right here, all while supporting the local growers in Effingham County and reducing our carbon footprint.”

Visit their booth at the Olde Effingham Days festival in downtown Springfield on Saturday for your chance to win free Produce Packs for a month and University of Georgia football tickets.

For more information, call Reagan at (912) 704-7651 or visit their Web site at