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SBA opens outreach to minority businesses
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WASHINGTON — The U.S. Small Business Administration moved to broaden its outreach to minority entrepreneurs by signing a partnership with the Minority Business RoundTable.

The strategic alliance is part of SBA Administrator Steve Preston’s ongoing effort to support small business development initiatives in underserved communities.  It will allow the organizations to share resources and educate minority entrepreneurs on how to use SBA products and services to establish and grow their businesses.

“Minority businesses are one of the fastest growing sectors in the small business community, so it is imperative we reach out and educate them on SBA’s products and services,” Preston said. “MBRT is a national membership organization for minority CEOs that serves as a unified voice for minority businesses.  

“By working together, we can help more of these businesses succeed and stimulate economic growth in their communities and the nation’s economy.”    

“There are over 5 million minority businesses employing millions of Americans that create businesses and jobs in the U.S. economy,” said Roger A. Campos, MBRT president and chief executive offcer.  “MBRT is pleased to partner with SBA to deliver valuable services and products to help build the capacity of this rapidly expanding economic force.”

The SBA and MBRT alliance is intended to strengthen and expand small business development across the nation for minority entrepreneurs. SBA will provide MBRT with timely information on the agency’s programs, services and resource partners, and advise them on events that will impact their mission.

As part of the resource pooling, MBRT will cooperate with SBA and its resource partners to provide information to members about its business development programs and services, and share current SBA news and information.