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City gets GEFA loan to put in new well
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Springfield has been given a loan by the Georgia Environmental Facilities Authority for $1.38 million to build a new well and connect the two systems by running water lines down Highway 21.

“We want to get it done as quickly as possible,” Mayor Barton Alderman said of the project. “Our first priority is to get the easements to connect the new well to our existing tank. That’s got to be the first phase, because we have to get the water there so we can shut down our current well.”

He said the next phase will be connecting the system in Springfield to the system at the industrial park. Alderman said the current deadline is to have the project completed by Jan. 1.

“As of Jan. 1, we have a mandate from (the Environmental Protection Division) to be back to 2004 pumping levels,” he said.

When the project is completed, Springfield plans to give the current capacity allotted to the two current wells to the county, pending approval by the EPD. Approximately 150,000 gallons will be allotted for use at the I-16 tract and the remaining 250,000 gallons will be available to the county.