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County commission chairman candidates
Wesley Corbitt
Corbitt Wesley
Wesley Corbitt

Age: 60

Family (spouse and children): Married for 38 years to Pam Corbitt with three children (Ben, Nathan and Amy) All married and three grandchildren (Sean, Ethan and Kara).

Occupation: Partner and manager in two local CPA firms, total of 18 years; founder and pastor of a local ministry, Grace Community Church, 12 years; city manager with financial oversight responsibilities for the City of Rincon, six years. Currently managing my real estate and planning to build my consulting service business with local governments in Georgia.

Place of birth/how long you have lived in Effingham: My parents lived in Georgia when I was born, but because the closest hospital was in Eufaula, Ala., that is where I was born. As a son of a pastor I have lived in several communities in South Georgia. I moved to Effingham in 1979 and have lived here for the past 37 years. I have lived in the Rincon community, Springfield, and for the past 25 years, my wife and I have resided at Little McCall Road.

Previous political experience and other elective offices sought:

> Auditor and professional consultant for many local governments during my 18+ years in business as a CPA.

> Contract employee with the City of Rincon for six years directly working with the city council and the county governing officials.

Why I’m running:

First, I feel compelled to serve. My professional career, as a CPA, auditor, pastor and most recently the city manager of Rincon, has prepared me well for this position. With my business background I believe that government should run like a business, making our lives better, not more difficult. I want to bring my strong problem resolution skills work on the problems that we face, and seize every opportunity of making Effingham an even greater place to live and work. I hope and believe that my character, commitment, competence and chemistry are need at this time to lead the board and our community as we grow.

Second, I like making a difference. Whether in business, ministry or in government service, my wife and I have always sought to make the lives of others better. I believe my voice and experience on this board will serve the county well.

Top three objectives:

1. Building greater cooperation — working with our commissioners and our cities in a more cooperative effort. Cooperation improves efficiency and save tax dollars.

2. Traffic and commercial growth issues — providing another road access into Effingham and providing an East/West Corridor to protect our commercial center, actively seeking quality commercial growth which can reduce the residential tax burden.

3. Debt reduction — providing common sense solutions to resolve the water and sewer debt and eliminating the current annual loss of $1.9 million in the county’s water and sewer fund currently funded by tax dollars. The county must begin to enact a plan for an alternate water source and a more efficient operation.

Though I have many ideas I do not have all the answers. Good leaders do not have all the answers, but they do ask better question. So I will seek to ask better question and receive better answers that will ultimately determine a cooperative list of priorities from which we will determine an appropriate agenda to fund and accomplish. The chairman must be able to multi-task.