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County prepares to repair some ash roads
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Some of Effingham County’s ash roads will be getting a fix, after commissioners approved repairs to three damaged roads.

The roads in question are not among those suffering the most severely, according to county public works engineer Toss Allen. The county will repair 1,370 feet of roads by cutting out the bad sections, replacing them with graded aggregate base and paving over the repaired sections.

“It’s sort of a hybrid of what we did on Forest Haven,” Allen said, noting the methods used to repair one of the county’s worst ash roads. “All three roads have more limited damage than others. The entire roadway is not damaged.”

The roads to be fixed are Clark, Exley and Woodlands Drive off Highway 275. The county received nine bids on the project, with Sikes Brothers the lowest bidder at $98,000.

Sikes Brothers was awarded the contract and has 10 days to proceed after being given notice, with 90 days to finish the work.

The company also was awarded the bid for a long-awaited deceleration lane at the Highway 21 northbound and Log Landing Road intersection. The plans also call for making it easier to turn from Log Landing Road onto Highway 21 north.

“Currently there is no way to get off the road and to slow down,” Allen said of drivers wanting to turn off 21 and onto Log Landing. “It creates a hazard.”

Eleven bids were received, with Sikes Brothers turning in a bid of $61,073. The project will be paid for by special purpose local option sales tax proceeds.

“The prices came in much lower than we anticipated,” said 3rd District Commissioner Steve Mason.

Commissioners also approved resurfacing bids for several roads, with two of them, Chimney and Nease roads, being widened by two feet. Resurfacing for Thompson Street, Woodlawn Avenue, Pineview Drive, Principal Way, Scholar Road and Teacher Court are also part of the contract.

APAC won the contract out of five submitted bids.