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Arrests made for slipping cell phones to inmates
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Two Guyton women were arrested and charged with supplying contraband to Effingham County Prison inmates, according to the Guyton Police Department.

Marleigner Me-Chelle Goldwire was arrested for providing cell phones to inmates who are outside the prison on a work detail. On March 31, 2009, an off-duty Guyton police officer spotted a woman hand a small plastic bag to an inmate who was part of a “bull gang,” or work detail.
The inmate put the bag in nearby bushes and the car with the female was seen leaving the scene. Guyton Police Chief Randy Alexander eventually stopped the car and spoke with the driver, who began to act disorderly, according to the police report. 
While Chief Alexander spoke with the passenger, Guyton Police Capt. Kenny McDonald found the plastic bag containing four cell phones, their chargers and another small, brown paper bag with 20 cigar blunts.
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