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Effingham County Chamber of Commerce holds annual Eggs and Issues Breakfast

Business leaders in various fields came together on Wednesday, Dec. 7 to congregate, eat and partake in a Q&A session with political leaders in Effingham County at the annual Eggs and Issues Breakfast, hosted by the Effingham County Chamber of Commerce at the campus of Effingham College and Career Academy.

Rep. Bill Hitchens, Sen. Jack Hill and Rep. Jon Burns answered questions posed by attending members of the Eggs and Issues Breakfast after a catered meal provided by ECCA students.

After Dr. Barbara Prosser gave the welcome message, Michelle Liotta introduced the State Legislators and moderated the panel.

Sen. Hill, Rep. Burns and Rep. Hitchens fielded a number of questions and provided their answers on the matter at hand.

Questions about the protection of farmland, the use of groundwater from the Florida aquifer and the reintroduction of the Freedom of Religion Bill were asked.

The matter of the Palmetto Pipeline was also asked, prompting Sen. Hitchens to explain that with so many local residents and leaders being against the construction of the Palmetto Pipeline, the project has a chance to be scrapped altogether by Kinder Morgan, the company who planned to build it.

Following the Q&A, Dr. Prosser gave closing comments and the event was adjourned.

The next major event for the Effingham Chamber of Commerce will be the Effingham Day at the Capitol on Jan. 23-24 in Atlanta.