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DDS recommends customers use Web site to renew licenses
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Department of Driver Services (DDS) data shows that approximately 30 percent of state driver’s license issuance results from customers using the Internet. That leaves roughly 70 percent of customers who still travel to a local DDS Customer Service Center to conduct business.

Because of that, DDS would like to give you 10 reasons to use DDS Internet Services to find information or conduct a licensing transaction instead of visiting in person.

1. DDS Online Licensing Services are available for use 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

2. DDS Customer Service Centers are closed every Monday. We always have been.

3. The day after a scheduled state office closing or holiday is always a very busy day.

4. Not all DDS locations are open on Saturday, or they have limited Saturday hours.

5. Visitors on Tuesday experience the longest customer service wait times.

6. Customers who go online save money. Many transactions include a discount for using online services. The cost of gas, wear and tear on your vehicle or public transportation costs are saved when you do not visit the DDS.

7. Save valuable time by skipping a trip to a licensing center.

8. Customers can register themselves for a motorcycle safety class using the internet.

9. Commercial driving training requirements and schools can be located through our website.

10. Teen driving restrictions, including curfew and passenger limits, can be found on the Web site so parents can get the real answers.

Visit the DDS Web site at and select from the many services offered under Online Services Log In. At DDS we are continually looking to identify cost saving and efficient methods to improve our customer service to you, such as offering several payment options including credit and debit cards. While you’re on the Internet, don’t forget to “Like” DDS on Facebook.