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Secretary of States call center gets operations upgrades
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ATLANTA—In September 2010, the Georgia Secretary of State’s office combined the agency’s Corporations Division and Professional Licensing Boards Division call centers to increase its ongoing commitment to providing exceptional customer service. The call center merge has lowered costs and created a more effective, efficient and responsive call center experience for those who do business with the agency.

In August, the agency made another significant and positive change to its call center when it implemented the Work Away telework program. Work Away is a statewide initiative of the Georgia State Personnel Administration that encourages telework and work scheduling options for eligible employees, and offers employees a productive working environment with fewer distractions. In addition, results show that telework can create increased job performance, improved job satisfaction and employee morale, a reduction in absenteeism and reduced sick leave usage.

The Secretary of State’s office currently has four call center agents participating in the Work Away program, and plans to have all 19 agents eventually enroll. Each employee must understand the requirements of the position and expectations of the program prior to enrolling in Work Away and know that the agency will continue to closely monitor their job performance.

Candidates for Work Away must sign a telework memorandum of understanding which covers topics such as performance, safety, equipment, security and expectations.