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Guyton City Council approves changes to city vehicle operation policy
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The Guyton City Council approved a motion Thursday night to change the distance that a Guyton City Police officer can live before having to pay personal gas expenses from 20 miles to 30 miles after a deliberation by the council.

Guyton Chief of Police, Kelphie Lundie, explained that the change from 20 miles to 30 miles was needed for his department.

“Some of our officers live more than 20 miles outside of the city,” Lundy said to the council members. “The rate used to be 30 and was changed to 20 - it should be 30 again.”

After hearing comments from Lundy as well as attending citizens, the council unanimously approved the motion.

The council also heard comments about other agenda items - some were approved while others tabled.

The council unanimously decided to table a vote on th discussion and issuance of directive for public access of Riverside Tract during construction of a wastewater treatment plant. Comments from attending citizens were heard and the vote was tabled for a future meeting.

Tracey Mydell, owner of Southern Kafe on Central Blvd., spoke to the council about the current lease running out on his property.

During the last meeting of the Guyton City Council, Mydell addressed the issue about the lease and the decision was tabled until the next meeting along with giving Mydell a 60-day extension on his lease.

At this meeting, Mydell explained to the council members that when he purchased the property from the city of Guyton in 2014, he made renovations on his own dime and that he and his wife put their own money into making the restaurant up to code - altogether, the Mydell’s claimed to have put in over $13,000 in renovation costs.

The council has decided that with the lease running out, they will have a bidding process on the property with no minimum bid set, meaning that Mydell can continue paying the current price of rent on the property if his bid is the highest.

After Mydell and his wife spoke, Mayor Jeff Lariscy and the council decided to table the issue once more so that they could look over the contract with the Mydell’s.

A discussion was had later in the meeting about a code enforcement title and position issue involving the hiring of a city employee to work as a code enforcement officer to assist the city of Guyon in policing issues.

Input from attending citizens was heard and a motion to continue with the appointing of the code enforcement officer carried unanimously.

The next meeting will be held on Nov. 8 at 7 p.m. at Guyton City Hall.