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Guyton woman arrested for marijuana possession, DWI
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A Guyton woman was arrested by an Effingham County Sheriff’s deputy Dec. 22 after an altercation at a Dollar General store in Guyton led to deputies finding the woman in possession of marijuana and under the influence of Xanax.

 At 11:55 on the morning of Dec. 22, Effingham County Sheriffs Deputy James Thompson responded to a call that had come over the radio about a pair of individuals - one male and one female - acting suspiciously at the Dollar General store in Guyton, located at Noel C. Conaway Road. The person who made the call to the Sheriff’s Office was an employee at the store and reported that the two individuals appeared to be attempting to steal from the store.

When Thompson arrived at the scene, the male suspect had left but Sellers was seen talking to another deputy and appeared intoxicated.

Thompson noted that Sellers “was very unsteady on her feet and slurred as she spoke”.

Thompson added that he smelled the odor of marijuana on Sellers and found out through questioning that Sellers had driven her white Jeep to the store - this was proven true with video evidence.

Sellers admitted that she had taken Xanax earlier in the day and that she had a prescription for the medication. Thompson used a canine partner to detect the scent of any drugs in the car which resulted in a positive response.

The deputies noticed a bag hanging out of Sellers’ clothing and found that it contained a large bag of marijuana.

Upon search of the car, a smaller amount of marijuana was found on the dash board. Further search of the Jeep found Sellers to have a prescription bottle of Xanax with approximately 66 pills inside.

Sellers was asked to perform a series of tests to determine her sobriety and she failed to do so properly.

At that time, Sellers was placed under arrest for DWI and possession of marijuana. She was asked to submit a blood test and agreed but later declined.

Sellers was then processed and charged with DWI (refusal) and possession of marijuana.

She was released from the Effingham County Detention Center on Dec. 25 on $4,600 bond.