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House District 159 candidates
Daniel Almond
almond daniel
Daniel Almond

Age: 37

Family (spouse and children): Amanda Almond (wife), Megan (6), Kylie (4), Emily (2), Danielle (3 mos)

Occupation: Security guard for JIMCO at Savannah Acid Plant

Place of birth/how long you have lived in Effingham: Born in New Orleans (Metairie). Moved to Atlanta as a baby, raised in Atlanta area. Lived in Effingham almost 5 years.

Previous political experience and other elective offices you may have sought: None and none

Why I’m running

To serve the people by working to provide more transparent, more responsive, and smaller, less intrusive, less expensive government.

Top three objectives

Fighting to make sure what comes out of the Gold Dome reflects the will of the voters who I›m asking to put me there and that what comes out of there is in their interest, keeping the residents of the district as informed as possible and myself as accessible as possible, and applying the Judeo-Christian values and principles of individual liberty that our state and nation were founded on to every issue that comes before me.