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Moutray to run for Purcells House seat
0427 Kristopher Moutray
Kristopher Moutray - photo by Photo provided

A Rincon Republican has announced his intention to run for the Georgia House of Representatives District 159 seat, which serves western Chatham County and the southern portion of Effingham County.

Kristopher Moutray, 37, looks to succeed Rep. Ann Purcell, who will not seek re-election when her term expires at the end of this year.

"I’m doing what my heart is telling me to do — to contribute and be active," Moutray said. "I no longer find satisfaction in a simple vote and sideline complaints."

Moutray, a senior aircraft technician at Gulfstream, has lived in Effingham County for six years. He and his wife Robin have a young daughter.

While he has not previously held office, Moutray says he "lives and breathes politics." He is an active member of the Effingham County Republican Party and a founding member of Effingham Residents for Responsible Growth.

"Though I may be a technical layman, I am guided by a firm sense of morality and principle founded in faith," he said. "I value good government, and that which it’s based on —self-rule, liberty and respect of personal property. I wish to contribute to that value’s end."

Moutray said his top priority under the Gold Dome would be pushing for stronger tax reform measures — "not just some breaks, any of which could be taken back, but true reform by reducing the marginal rates and broadening the base."

Moutray believes the tax law passedby the Georgia legislature this year is a good start, but it doesn’t go far enough. He wants "equitable taxation" that shifts more of the tax burden from income to consumption.

"Income tax is essentially extortion," he said. "We must remove the barriers of the falsely-perceived narrative that this system is ‘fair.’

"Any claim to a man’s labor is a claim of a sort of ownership to that man and his personal property," Moutray continued." I ask, where does this origin of debt reside? Without this question able to be answered, I reasonably conclude, only from that of a master’s claim, not that of a servant to the people. We must strive to decentralize this power."

To decentralize government, Moutray recommends shifting much of the state’s authority to local agencies – cities, counties and school districts.

"The hard-working, law-abiding, self-reliant, personally-responsible producers of this land have been dragged along further towards servitude, kicking and screaming," Moutray said. "I would stand sentry against further assault and form necessary alliances under the Dome for successful counterattacks if afforded the opportunity."

Moutray described his values as "hard work and determination – that’s what made this country great. It’s not the government that makes this country great, it’s the people."

"The old saying ‘all that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing’ constantly, loudly rings in my ear," he said. "I think of myself as a good man, and I will do something if I can."