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New chief tax appraiser to start Feb. 25
Neal Groover

RINCON — Neal Groover, 29, is ready to enter "a new world." He will serve as Effingham County’s chief tax appraiser beginning Feb. 25. 

Groover has served a similar role in Evans County for the last five-plus years.

“I’m going to be a lot busier,” Groover said during a Friday telephone interview. “In Evans County, we have a personal property appraiser and a secretary. I handled the residential, commercial and ag land myself.

“It will be different because of the number of staff members there. I will be more of a manager in Effingham County even though I was over some people here.”

The Effingham County tax assessor’s office features 13 employees who stay rather busy.

“Just looking at the number of parcels compared to Evans County, there are a good bit more in Effingham County — probably five or six times more,” Groover said. “It’s two different worlds.”

Groover has Effingham County roots. He is a Salzberger descendant.

“That’s where my family actually came from,” he said. “I don’t have a lot of family living there now but I have historical ties .”

Groover is ready to get situated in a new position and a new home. He is married to Allison Wilson Groover, a Statesboro native. 

“I do like the area,” he said. “Also, I like the cities —Springfield, Guyton and Rincon.”

Groover said he is grateful for the opportunity the Effingham County Board of Tax Assessors has afforded him.

“I appreciate them putting their trust in me and I am going to do that best job I can for the citizens of Effingham County.”