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No campaign signs, staff for Miller
Candidate concerned about crime rate
10.14 jeff miller
Jeff Miller - photo by Photo by Ralna Pearson

Rincon City Council candidate Jeff Miller is not your typical candidate.

He has chosen not to post any signs, he doesn’t have a campaign staff made up of family and friends and he doesn’t have a background in business or years of leadership experience. Yet, Miller, 50, is determined about the contributions he can make to the city.

At the top of his list is putting a chokehold on the rising crime rate.

“It’s not bad, yet, but I’d hate to see it two or three years from now if no one does anything about it,” he said.

It’s imperative to Miller that the city be aggressive in its fight against crime. He cited the need for more investigators, a faster response time, more property checks and residents getting involved in what’s going on in their community through initiatives like neighborhood watch.

He is concerned about Rincon Police Department’s slow response time. Miller cited instances where it has taken officers 20-30 minutes to arrive at the scene of a call.

He is one of the residents who supported the new uniform policy at the schools. It’s one way of reducing the likelihood of gangs forming, he said “I love the way the schools did the uniforms,” Miller said.

Miller acknowledged that having more recreational activities for the youth would help keep them out of trouble. He suggested the YMCA and churches work to provide more outlets for children.

He also has strong feelings about the city’s growth — he loves it.

“I believe in the growth,” Miller said.

Yet he takes a different approach to it. He believes the city should charge businesses a property tax based on their size and the amount of business they receive. Wal-Mart, for example, pays no property taxes to the city, Miller pointed out. Rincon does not have a property millage.

The county, too, should fork over some funds to the city. Since the city’s fire and police departments work with the county on some calls, he supports the city receiving a portion of the county taxes Rincon residents pay.

“We should be eligible for some of those monies,” Miller said.

Those funds would go to improving the city’s fire and police departments and infrastructure. Those funds would be needed if Miller had his way and made the fire department a full-time organization instead of relying on volunteers.
He also supports the city diverging from the county’s ordinance prohibiting the pouring of liquor. He appreciates that the county is dry; however, he recommends that an exception be made for certain restaurants.

“I don’t want it to be like a bar scene,” he said.

Restaurants should apply for special permits from the city in order to serve mixed drinks, according to Miller.

Stipulations should be attached such as no serving alcohol on Sundays, no minors serving alcohol in the establishments and no bars in the restaurants. Failure to comply with all of the restrictions would result in the business losing its lease.

“Don’t have it as a bar scene, but as a restaurant scene,” he said.

Bars and liquor stores would still be prohibited in the city.

The divorced father of two teenage daughters moved to Rincon two years ago from Columbia, S.C. His sister offered him a job in her new daycare, I’ll Be Your Best Friend Academy, where he is an office assistant. Miller is also a member of Savannah Christian Church and participates in their photography ministry.

He advocates people making their voices heard by those in office. He encourages residents to be more involved in what’s going on in their town.

“I want the voices of the people to be heard,” Miller said. “Come to the (city council) meetings and see what the meetings are about.”

What goes on in the county and other municipalities are not priorities for him.

“My main goal is to be responsible for the city of Rincon,” he said.

Miller mentioned that you have cities that make the lists for “best place to live.”

“I’d like this to be one of them,” he added.

Jeff Miller’s Platform:

Hear community voices
Keep family values
Promote a safe city for our state of Georgia
Encourage our educational programs
Aid in crime and drug prevention programs