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Rincon City Council ponders banners as part of beautification effort
City of Rincon sign

RINCON — During the Oct. 25 meeting of the Rincon City Council, John Klimm asked for a “sign.” The city manager wanted to know how to proceed with a banner proposal whose intent is to beautify the city.

Councilmember Michelle Taylor is an ardent supporter of the effort.

Klimm asked, “I think in this conversation we need to discuss whether this is something we want to move forward on and, if so, there are some questions like, ‘Where would you put them?’ ”

The first stretch Klimm mentioned was the Highway 21 corridor, saying the banners could be placed on telephone poles.

“But — as I did today — if you drive on Highway 21, you will notice the telephone poles are all crooked,” he said. “If we attach banners, I just don’t think they will be attractive on telephone poles.”

Taylor has been a proponent of erecting decorative lamposts in certain areas of the city.

“That’s a great idea,” Councilman Patrick Kirkland said. “Like Michelle’s lamposts, we can start with a few of those, putting (banners) on the lamposts whereever we decide to put them.”

Klimm recommended getting banners made of "good quality" material that can withstand harsh weather conditions.

He said, “I think there is merit to (the banner proposal) and the third question is, ‘How are you going to fund it?’ I suspect that — if I could bring anything to the table — it might be to suggest how we fund it, which I can on the budget that will be coming before you very shortly.”

Klimm suggested forming a “working group” featuring a couple council members, some Planning & Zoning Board members and city staffers to come up with a banner design and decide where to put them.

“A lot of cities do it and, if it’s done right, it is very distinctive,” Klimm said. “... If I didn’t think it was a good idea, I’d say it.”

Klimm expressed confidence that the working group would come up with a design that is “distinctively Rincon.”

“... It could be a real plus,” he said. 

Mayor Ken Lee recommended getting input for garden clubs.

Near the end of the discussion, Kirkland cautioned that his support for banners is conditional.

“I know we are working on (sidewalks) but I don’t want to give the illusion that we would rather have banners than sidewalks,” he said. “If it is going to take away from the sidewalks, I would rather have the sidewalks than the banners.”

Klimm said the next budget will include funds for sidewalks.

“I love it,” Kirkland said.

The council agreed to form a working group for the banner plan.