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State tourism team to visit county
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Georgia Tourism’s Product Development Office, a division of the Georgia Department of Economic Development, will be in Effingham County to conduct a Resource Team visit from Nov. 7-10.

Earlier this year, Effingham County was selected by the Tourism Product Development Office to participate in a new initiative, which focuses technical assistance in the form of a reconnaissance and strategy visit to a local community that is interested in developing its tourism potential.

Ten Resource Team members will consist of representatives from the Georgia Department of Economic Development, Department of Community Affairs, Department of Natural Resources, a communications consultant, and the Georgia Council for the Arts.

During their visit, the team will work with local county leadership to assess the portfolio of tourism-related assets within the community relevant to the areas of heritage tourism, cultural assets; nature-based tourism and agritourism. The Resource Team’s objectives will include inventorying and discussing those assets that are most likely candidates for developing a tourism based economy in Effingham County as well as identifying obstacles that might impede the implementation of such an effort.

The Resource Team visit will take place over four days. The tour will include Springfield’s commercial district, sites in Guyton and Ebenezer. In addition, the Resource Team will conduct interview sessions with community stakeholders.

The visit will conclude Nov. 10 with a summary meeting at the historic Effingham County Courthouse with county officials and other representatives.