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Trio arrested, suspected of illegal collection and reproduction of financial card information
Suspected skimming device used in fuel pumps to gain financial card information to include PIN - photo by Submitted

RINCON -- The Rincon Police Department apprehended three Florida men Wednesday. Each is suspected to be involved in the illegal collection and reproduction of financial card information.

After an officer was provided information about a suspicious vehicle at a fuel station in Rincon, the officer was able to locate the vehicle and conducted a traffic stop. During the investigation, it was discovered that the three occupants were possibly tampering with fuel pumps and had in their possession the tools to collect and reproduce financial transaction cards.

Each suspect -- Yampel Granja of Palm Springs, Fla.; Yoisel Pego of Doral, Fla.; and Yosvel Licor of West Palm Beach, Fla.  -- was arrested and charged accordingly. 

This is an active investigation and other criminal charges are expected